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Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? Each week on The Tidbit, brought to you by Cureate, we discuss tidbits of knowledge around starting and running a small business with a food and beverage lens. Show host Kim Bryden sits down with guest experts and shares trending new topics on food, business and culture to help best prepare you for your business journey.

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    So, you want to work in food? Identifying Food System Opportunities for Impact with DC Central Kitchen

    At Cureate we get a ton of inbound emails from individuals who are looking to start a career in food. Yes, it is stated as plainly as that - I want to work in food. Now, the food system is extremely vast and there are certainly a lot of challenges - and therefore business opportunities - to tackle. Listeners, you are all at different stages in your food journey so, on this episode, we discuss the complexities of the food system with Alex Moore, Chief Development Officer at DC Central Kitchen. DC Central Kitchen develops and operates 5 different social ventures targeting the cycle of hunger and poverty. Tune in to learn more about how these programs all fit symbiotically together.

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    How to Have Difficult Conversations

    At the time of this episode's recording, we are a couple of weeks after the 2018 midterm election and it is also Thanksgiving week. Now, The Tidbit is a show about entrepreneurship lessons learned and tips on starting/running a small business... and, this may be obvious, but - let's state this plainly - a lot of small business owners go into business with their family members; and/or, especially around the holidays, a lot of shit can be brought up around the dinner table. On this episode, we sit down with Mike Malloy, Halcyon Incubator Program Manager, to discuss navigating complex personal and professional relationships and, moreover, how to have difficult conversations.

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    DMV Black Restaurant Week → Vote with Your Dollar

    This season on The Tidbit we’ve discussed ways to increase your access to social capital, and how to create infrastructure and support for entrepreneurial ecosystems. We continue to sit down with business owners to discuss their tidbits of knowledge and lessons learned along the way — and we’ve begun showcasing Buyers and the opportunities presented around increasing demand for local, small business products and services. A CRUCIAL part to this equation is us - the consumer drive. The demand generation that we as citizens, as consumers are placing on these Buyers to force their hand in creating a sizable shift in how they view procurement. What are ways in which consumers are voting with their dollars? We sit down with Andra "AJ" Johnson to learn more the platforms she has bolstered to spread access to knowledge and new business opportunities: DMV Black Restaurant and her upcoming book White Plates, Black Faces.

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    How to Create Infrastructure and Support for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

    How can we create ecosystems that build supportive infrastructure where small business owners feel taken care of and supported? Think of the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy - shelter, location. If you can’t rely on your business home to be a constant, how will you ever be able to grow? Naturally you’ll always be operating out of a scarcity mindset. We sit down with entrepreneurship ecosystem builder Dominic Bonaduce to discuss. Dom oversees Alley’s operations in Washington, DC and manages collaboration between Alley and their partners at Verizon to help the community build next-level ecosystems for entrepreneurs.

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    Liberating Artisans One Barrel at a Time: Freestate Cooperage

    Have you ever been ready for growth but external factors limited your ability to reach your goals? This is the piece of the supply chain puzzle that Alice Blayne-Allard identified as a problem area as our craft spirits industry continues to boom. Freestate Cooperage is the only #madeinMaryland cooperage, creating heritage new white oak barrels for Mid-Atlantic made spirits. Fun fact: Alice is also the 2nd woman-owned cooperage owner in the entire United States. Tune into this live TED-Style talk to learn more about this fascinating part of the food business supply chain.

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    From Foodservice to Fridge: The Soom Story

    Three sisters out of Philadelphia — Jackie, Shelby, and Amy Zitelman — started Soom Foods. Their goal? To make tahini a staple in American pantries. But to start, they began with chefs. Who are your early adopters and how can those customers become your biggest brand advocates? How do you know when to diversify your sales channels? Tune into this episode of The Tidbit to learn the Soom story with CEO, Shelby Zitelman.

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    3 Tips on Increasing Your Social Capital

    We talk a lot about access to financial capital when starting a business - who has capital, how can you pitch to get more capital, what can you do to prove you’re worth capital, etc. What we don't talk enough about is access to social capital. In today’s era, one could plainly state that it is the sum of people you surround yourself with. But… what if you weren’t born into a particular sphere of people? What if you just don’t know how to expand your circle of connection? Tune into this episode of The Tidbit to find out three tips on how-to increase your social capital.

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    Government's Role in Food Procurement: Baltimore

    We're live on-site at the Chesapeake Food Summit where we're learning about innovation in food systems change throughout this region. One of the biggest areas of opportunity to effectuate change is through procurement - hello, local sourcing! We sit down with Baltimore Food Policy Director, Holly Freishtat, to talk about government's role in sourcing food and how contracts can be written (and broken!) to better align with our values.

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    Building 30+ Years of Service: Occasions Caterers

    In 1986, Occasions Caterers started in a tiny apartment kitchen with just a few printed business cards and a small van. They gradually built a team of executives, chefs, captains and waiters who were also committed to the Co-Founders’ vision (fun fact: the Co-Founders are also twin brothers!). Fast forward thirty years later and Occasions has indeed grown but the focus remains the same: a boutique approach to full-service catering with a focus on custom menus, creative décor, expert planning and gracious service. We sit down with Co-Founder and Creative Director, Eric Michael, and VP of Business Development, Matt Sipala to ask the questions: from a catering/event perspective, what does the "everything local" movement mean in terms of new business opportunities for local small businesses? How can small businesses ensure they’re on the radar of companies like Occasions? ...and much more! Tune in to find out their tidbits of knowledge on running a business for over 30 years.

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    Food and Experience Design

    Food is a multi-sensory experience, but typically served in a semi-standard setting - or at least in a setting one is used to experiencing food. What if you took a part each piece of that sensory experience and created a new way of consuming, a new way of looking at food or beverage by getting hyper-focused on one of your senses? We're joined today by Kelly Bryden, Art Director for the Rosé Mansion in New York City and the upcoming Museum of Pizza. As you to listen to our conversation, think: how can I be intentional and thoughtful with the ways in which I am creating my brand’s food or beverage experience AND are there ways we can focus on an aspect of our product to create a memory beyond just taste, convenience, and price point. Holiday season is right around the corner - and it’s the time when people have disposable income to spend and are looking for experiential gifts. Turn your creativity into a profit.

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