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Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? Each week on The Tidbit, brought to you by Cureate, we discuss tidbits of knowledge around starting and running a small business with a food and beverage lens. Show host Kim Bryden sits down with guest experts and shares trending new topics on food, business and culture to help best prepare you for your business journey.

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    Self Health: “The Rise of Anxiety Baking” - Creativity & Productivity with Sarah Malphrus of Rye Street Tavern

    A topic that keeps surfacing these days is around self care and entrepreneurship. On The Tidbit, we're particularly interested in this discussion as it relates to the beliefs we tell ourselves, how the media exacerbates those beliefs, and how cultural collective consciousness norms keep us in race, gender, and/or socio-economic boxes. To discuss this intersection, we’re joined in-studio by Sarah Malphrus - the pastry chef at Rye Street Tavern by Andrew Carmellini in Baltimore, Maryland. Born and raised in Charleston, SC, she received a bachelor's degree in Gender & Women's Studies from Warren Wilson College before deciding to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. She's an avid collector of crystals, loves old cook books, supporting fellow pastry chefs, and smashing the patriarchy one slice of cake at a time.

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    Three Tips on Winning Over a Retail Buyer

    If you’re an emerging CPG (consumer packed goods) business, and you’re looking to level up your game and get onto a retail shelf in a grocery store or corporate cafeteria, what do you need to do to be prepared? On this minisode we dicuss three tips for winning over a retail buyer. ★ ★ ★ Our mission includes the sharing of education and access to resources - and the best way to reach more listeners like you is to leave a review in iTunes. If you enjoyed this minisode, head over to your app and leave a little tidbit on what you’ve learned here on the show!

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    Market Opportunity: The Hemp Industry & CBD

    The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into effect in an unheard of (for this era!) bipartisan manner. Passage of the Farm Bill marks a watershed event for hemp, a crop planted centuries ago by America’s founding fathers - making it once again legal to grow and sell. Quoting Hemp is Now Legal. That's Huge for CBD Industry. a Vox piece states: "[This] Farm Bill opportunity isn’t just for farmers. The Drug Enforcement Administration’s lackadaisical approach to CBD has helped the CBD industry sell about $350 million worth of products last year, and experts believe it will easily hit $1 billion in sales by 2020.” Why do you think there’s such a craving for CBD-infused products? What benefits do you see hemp having across product lines? How does this reversal in policy affect new business strategies? On this episode we sit down with Erica Berger, award-winning journalist, speaker, and strategist to take a birds-eye view of the hemp and CBD industries to answer those questions posed.

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    Market Opportunity: Innovations in Food/Bev Supply Chain

    What are the fields emerging in food & beverage broadly that we can begin to think up new ventures and new ways of approaching challenges that are encroaching upon us as a society? Our imaginations soar as we sit down with Jenn Goggin, a co-founder of Startle, an innovation studio for the food ecosystem. On this episode of The Tidbit we discuss new innovations across the food & beverage supply chain from smart packaging, to plastic-free products, to new retail models and technologies.

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    How to Set Business OKRs (Objectives, Key Results)

    Many entrepreneurs struggle with creating tangible metrics around focused goals. On today’s minisode, we’re going to discuss the framework created by Google called OKRs - Objectives, and Key Results. It’s a system for tracking your desired objectives and keeping yourself accountable. To supplement this episode, we've created an OKR template digital download for food & beverage small business owners.

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    Three Tips for Staying Focused

    As the last show of the season and year, we discuss the framework - Core Desired Feelings by Danielle LaPorte - that is a healthier way of setting oneself up for success. For example, instead of saying: I want to lose weight or I want to make x-amount of dollars - what is it that you’re ACTUALLY looking to achieve by losing weight or making more money? Do you want to feel more confident? Do you want to feel liberated? Those are just means to a feeling - so what is it that you actually want? On this minisode, we share 3 tips for creating a framework for staying focused on that core desired feeling you’d like to achieve.

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    Why You Should Shop Local - YEAR ROUND

    'Tis the season for holiday shopping! Which means, this is also the season where many food entrepreneurs make at least 40% of their sales for the year. If you’re a longtime listener of The Tidbit, you know that we advocate for shifting our purchasing dollars back into the local economy YEAR ROUND. But, we certainly can not ignore the impact this time of year has on our local economies. Tune in as we provide statistics around shopping local, and feature one incredible local food condiment company that is "spreading" the love of dates while employing refugee women. Meet Lina Zdruli, Founder of Dafero Dates, on this episode of The Tidbit.

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    So, you want to work in food? Identifying Food System Opportunities for Impact with DC Central Kitchen

    At Cureate we get a ton of inbound emails from individuals who are looking to start a career in food. Yes, it is stated as plainly as that - I want to work in food. Now, the food system is extremely vast and there are certainly a lot of challenges - and therefore business opportunities - to tackle. Listeners, you are all at different stages in your food journey so, on this episode, we discuss the complexities of the food system with Alex Moore, Chief Development Officer at DC Central Kitchen. DC Central Kitchen develops and operates 5 different social ventures targeting the cycle of hunger and poverty. Tune in to learn more about how these programs all fit symbiotically together.

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    How to Have Difficult Conversations

    At the time of this episode's recording, we are a couple of weeks after the 2018 midterm election and it is also Thanksgiving week. Now, The Tidbit is a show about entrepreneurship lessons learned and tips on starting/running a small business... and, this may be obvious, but - let's state this plainly - a lot of small business owners go into business with their family members; and/or, especially around the holidays, a lot of shit can be brought up around the dinner table. On this episode, we sit down with Mike Malloy, Halcyon Incubator Program Manager, to discuss navigating complex personal and professional relationships and, moreover, how to have difficult conversations.

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    DMV Black Restaurant Week → Vote with Your Dollar

    This season on The Tidbit we’ve discussed ways to increase your access to social capital, and how to create infrastructure and support for entrepreneurial ecosystems. We continue to sit down with business owners to discuss their tidbits of knowledge and lessons learned along the way — and we’ve begun showcasing Buyers and the opportunities presented around increasing demand for local, small business products and services. A CRUCIAL part to this equation is us - the consumer drive. The demand generation that we as citizens, as consumers are placing on these Buyers to force their hand in creating a sizable shift in how they view procurement. What are ways in which consumers are voting with their dollars? We sit down with Andra "AJ" Johnson to learn more the platforms she has bolstered to spread access to knowledge and new business opportunities: DMV Black Restaurant and her upcoming book White Plates, Black Faces.

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