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Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? Each week on The Tidbit, brought to you by Cureate, we discuss tidbits of knowledge around starting and running a small business with a food and beverage lens. Show host Kim Bryden sits down with guest experts and shares trending new topics on food, business and culture to help best prepare you for your business journey.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Strategic Planning, Forecasting: Building Your Checklist - Commercial Design & Architecture in Retail and Restaurants

    Whether you’re a budding restauranter, café owner, or even possibly opening a craft brewery or distiller, what do you need to think about from an experience design perspective through to permitting and financing to make sure you are set up for success? We want to avoid as many financial pitfalls as we can before even opening doors! This is why I’ve asked Steven Sorrell of Sorrell Design to join us on this episode. Sorrell Design is a Washington, DC based design firm that focuses on defining spaces for corporate offices, restaurants, retail, hospitality, and specialty spaces such as breweries. And, uniquely, Steven and his team have also worked on quite a few Main Streets / Corner Store projects — just like Cureate! Intrigued? Tune in to find out more about our experiences.

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    Three Tips for Building Your Brand Identity

    One of the hardest pieces of the brand identity puzzle is putting into words the feelings you want to communicate to your end customer. On this episode, we pull examples from Chez Panisse to &pizza as to how you should be thinking about building your brand identity from vision to reality. We're joined in-studio with Alexi New, Co-Founder of Noted - a branding consultancy based in Washington DC - who shares her experiences and expert resources.

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    On Designing: Your Personal Compass, Self-Discovery and Emotional Intelligence with Allie Armitage

    Have you ever desired a different way to navigate your life and career? Perhaps a source of guidance other than the advice or the models of 'success' or guidance around you, which may not resonate to you? What if you could create a new kind of clarity, and feel a more authentic connection with your own insight? These are the questions posed by this episode's guest, Allie Armitage. This is the importance of self-discovery, inner work, and the necessity of grounding/knowing oneself in an age where everything can seem like your "worth" is tied to an externality. Tune into this show to learn more about developing your own personal compass, navigating complexity in the face of change.

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    On Designing: Blended Business Models, The Creative Process with Torie Partridge of Cherry Blossom Creative

    How do we design a life, design a business where external market demands are in sync with our internal desires? We're often fed a narrative that a business must "figure it out" from the beginning - their business model, their scaling strategy, etc. - before ever entering into the market. Imagine rethinking what it means to be creative, and the creative process, applying it to our own lives and business models. We chat with Torie Partridge, Founder & Creative Director of Cherry Blossom Creative, on how her business has evolved over the past 5 years from services, to product production and retail.

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    Three Tips for Food Business Financial Health

    Knowing your numbers. This is THE MOST important part of running a business, and the bane of existence for most business owners. We sit down with Maryellen Georgiadis, Owner of Finance A La Carte, to discuss three core components you need to think about when starting and running a food and beverage business - especially as a budding restauranteur. What pieces of the finance and accouting puzzle are you looking to learn more about? Leave us a review in iTunes with the tidbit of knowledge you gleaned from this episode and send us a note with more topics you're looking to explore at

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    Mentorship, Empowerment: James Beard Foundation Trustee, Rohini Dey, on Breaking the "Gastro-Ceiling"

    According to one analysis, roughly 2 percent of venture capital funding in 2017 went to all-female teams, compared to 79 percent that went to all-male teams. We’re all very tribal beings. We seek out what we know, what is familiar. But this has an extremely negative effect when the money held, access to opportunity is held, by one dominant race, gender, or class. How can we have a diverse, resilient, innovative economy when we’re only propping up one point of view? We sit down with Rohini Dey, Vermilion Restaurateur and James Beard Foundation Trustee, to discuss the "gastro-ceiling" in the food industry and how to create ecosystems of empowerment for woman-led food ventures to break the $1M revenue mark.

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    Mentorship, Empowerment: Invest2Innovate's Founder & CEO Kalsoom Lakhani

    What happens when you can really change behavior on a systems level, upending those traditional power dynamics through empowerment and mentorship? On this episode of The Tidbit we discuss entrepreneurship in challenging places, inspired by her recent SXSW talk, featuring Kalsoom Lakhani. Kalsoom is the Founder & CEO of Invest2Innovate, which aims to support and unleash the potential of young entrepreneurs in growth markets like Pakistan. She’s also a Partner at i2i Ventures, Invest2Innovate’s early stage investment fund for Pakistan, and the country’s first female-led fund.

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    How to Build Strategic Partnerships

    A strategic partner is another business with whom you enter into an agreement that aims to help both of you achieve more success. But, of course, what that success is must be determined and agreed upon by both parties. On this episode, we explore the 4 key tenets of HOW to build a strategic partnerships with Erin Lenhardt and Sally Rogers, Co-Founders of Parsnip. Parsnip’s vision is to connect better-for-you brands with partnership opportunities. Tune in to learn more about growing your business reach through mutually-beneficial agreements and arrangements with likeminded brand partners.

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    Food Production: Seed Experimentation & Lessons Learned from Thomas Jefferson's Garden

    Thomas Jefferson’s gardening efforts resulted in success and failure. He used his 1,000-ft kitchen garden as a laboratory, growing over 300 types of vegetables. His focus wasn’t profit or production, though; but rather knowledge. Jefferson exchanged seeds with people from all over the world and as a result, introduced new and unusual plants not found elsewhere. One of Monticello's emeritus scholars says that the garden became like an “Ellis Island” of introduced vegetables. On this episode, we explore Monticello's complex history with two academics-in-residence using the garden as an example to highlight the importance of lifelong curiosity, experimentation, and overcoming setbacks.

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    Food Production: What is Co-Packing, and What Should You Look for in a Co-Packer?

    As your company grows and you can no longer fulfill demand, you have to make a decision: do you invest in a larger production facility, or do you outsource to a co-packer? We're joined on this episode by three incredible industry experts to discuss all of the reasons why co-manufacturing is a great business to get into, how you should do business with a co-packer so all parties are set-up for success, and challenges they have faced along the way. Tune in to hear from Matt Sebastionelli from Lucky Clover Packaging & CraftPack, and Marwan & Ryan from Maryland Packaging.

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    How to Determine Your Food Cost (Wholesale, MSRP)

    When I talk about the education and consulting side of our business at Cureate, I often say: you may know how to make jam, but not know how to run a jam business - that’s where we come in! A huge part in figuring out if your food business is going to succeed is understanding how to price your product, and all of the factors to consider when doing so. Grab a piece of paper and pen, because we’re about to discuss three tips on for determing your food cost (wholesale, and MSRP - manufacturer's suggested retail price).

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    Self Health: “Hustle and Float” - Creativity & Productivity with Rahaf Harfoush, Author and Beyoncé-ologist

    We're joined on this episode by Rahaf Harfoush, a Digital Anthropologist and Best-Selling Author who researches the impacts of emerging technologies on our society. Tune in to hear our discussion around our belief systems of work, the historical tension between creativity and productivity, and how Rahaf became a Beyoncé-ologist while researching the principles highlighted in her latest book, Hustle & Float.

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    Self Health: “The Rise of Anxiety Baking” - Creativity & Productivity with Sarah Malphrus of Rye Street Tavern

    A topic that keeps surfacing these days is around self care and entrepreneurship. On The Tidbit, we're particularly interested in this discussion as it relates to the beliefs we tell ourselves, how the media exacerbates those beliefs, and how cultural collective consciousness norms keep us in race, gender, and/or socio-economic boxes. To discuss this intersection, we’re joined in-studio by Sarah Malphrus - the pastry chef at Rye Street Tavern by Andrew Carmellini in Baltimore, Maryland. Born and raised in Charleston, SC, she received a bachelor's degree in Gender & Women's Studies from Warren Wilson College before deciding to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. She's an avid collector of crystals, loves old cook books, supporting fellow pastry chefs, and smashing the patriarchy one slice of cake at a time.

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    Three Tips on Winning Over a Retail Buyer

    If you’re an emerging CPG (consumer packed goods) business, and you’re looking to level up your game and get onto a retail shelf in a grocery store or corporate cafeteria, what do you need to do to be prepared? On this minisode we dicuss three tips for winning over a retail buyer. ★ ★ ★ Our mission includes the sharing of education and access to resources - and the best way to reach more listeners like you is to leave a review in iTunes. If you enjoyed this minisode, head over to your app and leave a little tidbit on what you’ve learned here on the show!

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    Market Opportunity: The Hemp Industry & CBD

    The 2018 Farm Bill was signed into effect in an unheard of (for this era!) bipartisan manner. Passage of the Farm Bill marks a watershed event for hemp, a crop planted centuries ago by America’s founding fathers - making it once again legal to grow and sell. Quoting Hemp is Now Legal. That's Huge for CBD Industry. a Vox piece states: "[This] Farm Bill opportunity isn’t just for farmers. The Drug Enforcement Administration’s lackadaisical approach to CBD has helped the CBD industry sell about $350 million worth of products last year, and experts believe it will easily hit $1 billion in sales by 2020.” Why do you think there’s such a craving for CBD-infused products? What benefits do you see hemp having across product lines? How does this reversal in policy affect new business strategies? On this episode we sit down with Erica Berger, award-winning journalist, speaker, and strategist to take a birds-eye view of the hemp and CBD industries to answer those questions posed.

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    Market Opportunity: Innovations in Food/Bev Supply Chain

    What are the fields emerging in food & beverage broadly that we can begin to think up new ventures and new ways of approaching challenges that are encroaching upon us as a society? Our imaginations soar as we sit down with Jenn Goggin, a co-founder of Startle, an innovation studio for the food ecosystem. On this episode of The Tidbit we discuss new innovations across the food & beverage supply chain from smart packaging, to plastic-free products, to new retail models and technologies.

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    How to Set Business OKRs (Objectives, Key Results)

    Many entrepreneurs struggle with creating tangible metrics around focused goals. On today’s minisode, we’re going to discuss the framework created by Google called OKRs - Objectives, and Key Results. It’s a system for tracking your desired objectives and keeping yourself accountable. To supplement this episode, we've created an OKR template digital download for food & beverage small business owners.

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    Three Tips for Staying Focused

    As the last show of the season and year, we discuss the framework - Core Desired Feelings by Danielle LaPorte - that is a healthier way of setting oneself up for success. For example, instead of saying: I want to lose weight or I want to make x-amount of dollars - what is it that you’re ACTUALLY looking to achieve by losing weight or making more money? Do you want to feel more confident? Do you want to feel liberated? Those are just means to a feeling - so what is it that you actually want? On this minisode, we share 3 tips for creating a framework for staying focused on that core desired feeling you’d like to achieve.

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    Why You Should Shop Local - YEAR ROUND

    'Tis the season for holiday shopping! Which means, this is also the season where many food entrepreneurs make at least 40% of their sales for the year. If you’re a longtime listener of The Tidbit, you know that we advocate for shifting our purchasing dollars back into the local economy YEAR ROUND. But, we certainly can not ignore the impact this time of year has on our local economies. Tune in as we provide statistics around shopping local, and feature one incredible local food condiment company that is "spreading" the love of dates while employing refugee women. Meet Lina Zdruli, Founder of Dafero Dates, on this episode of The Tidbit.

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    So, you want to work in food? Identifying Food System Opportunities for Impact with DC Central Kitchen

    At Cureate we get a ton of inbound emails from individuals who are looking to start a career in food. Yes, it is stated as plainly as that - I want to work in food. Now, the food system is extremely vast and there are certainly a lot of challenges - and therefore business opportunities - to tackle. Listeners, you are all at different stages in your food journey so, on this episode, we discuss the complexities of the food system with Alex Moore, Chief Development Officer at DC Central Kitchen. DC Central Kitchen develops and operates 5 different social ventures targeting the cycle of hunger and poverty. Tune in to learn more about how these programs all fit symbiotically together.

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    How to Have Difficult Conversations

    At the time of this episode's recording, we are a couple of weeks after the 2018 midterm election and it is also Thanksgiving week. Now, The Tidbit is a show about entrepreneurship lessons learned and tips on starting/running a small business... and, this may be obvious, but - let's state this plainly - a lot of small business owners go into business with their family members; and/or, especially around the holidays, a lot of shit can be brought up around the dinner table. On this episode, we sit down with Mike Malloy, Halcyon Incubator Program Manager, to discuss navigating complex personal and professional relationships and, moreover, how to have difficult conversations.

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    DMV Black Restaurant Week → Vote with Your Dollar

    This season on The Tidbit we’ve discussed ways to increase your access to social capital, and how to create infrastructure and support for entrepreneurial ecosystems. We continue to sit down with business owners to discuss their tidbits of knowledge and lessons learned along the way — and we’ve begun showcasing Buyers and the opportunities presented around increasing demand for local, small business products and services. A CRUCIAL part to this equation is us - the consumer drive. The demand generation that we as citizens, as consumers are placing on these Buyers to force their hand in creating a sizable shift in how they view procurement. What are ways in which consumers are voting with their dollars? We sit down with Andra "AJ" Johnson to learn more the platforms she has bolstered to spread access to knowledge and new business opportunities: DMV Black Restaurant and her upcoming book White Plates, Black Faces.

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    How to Create Infrastructure and Support for Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

    How can we create ecosystems that build supportive infrastructure where small business owners feel taken care of and supported? Think of the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy - shelter, location. If you can’t rely on your business home to be a constant, how will you ever be able to grow? Naturally you’ll always be operating out of a scarcity mindset. We sit down with entrepreneurship ecosystem builder Dominic Bonaduce to discuss. Dom oversees Alley’s operations in Washington, DC and manages collaboration between Alley and their partners at Verizon to help the community build next-level ecosystems for entrepreneurs.

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    Liberating Artisans One Barrel at a Time: Freestate Cooperage

    Have you ever been ready for growth but external factors limited your ability to reach your goals? This is the piece of the supply chain puzzle that Alice Blayne-Allard identified as a problem area as our craft spirits industry continues to boom. Freestate Cooperage is the only #madeinMaryland cooperage, creating heritage new white oak barrels for Mid-Atlantic made spirits. Fun fact: Alice is also the 2nd woman-owned cooperage owner in the entire United States. Tune into this live TED-Style talk to learn more about this fascinating part of the food business supply chain.

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    From Foodservice to Fridge: The Soom Story

    Three sisters out of Philadelphia — Jackie, Shelby, and Amy Zitelman — started Soom Foods. Their goal? To make tahini a staple in American pantries. But to start, they began with chefs. Who are your early adopters and how can those customers become your biggest brand advocates? How do you know when to diversify your sales channels? Tune into this episode of The Tidbit to learn the Soom story with CEO, Shelby Zitelman.

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    3 Tips on Increasing Your Social Capital

    We talk a lot about access to financial capital when starting a business - who has capital, how can you pitch to get more capital, what can you do to prove you’re worth capital, etc. What we don't talk enough about is access to social capital. In today’s era, one could plainly state that it is the sum of people you surround yourself with. But… what if you weren’t born into a particular sphere of people? What if you just don’t know how to expand your circle of connection? Tune into this episode of The Tidbit to find out three tips on how-to increase your social capital.

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    Government's Role in Food Procurement: Baltimore

    We're live on-site at the Chesapeake Food Summit where we're learning about innovation in food systems change throughout this region. One of the biggest areas of opportunity to effectuate change is through procurement - hello, local sourcing! We sit down with Baltimore Food Policy Director, Holly Freishtat, to talk about government's role in sourcing food and how contracts can be written (and broken!) to better align with our values.

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    Building 30+ Years of Service: Occasions Caterers

    In 1986, Occasions Caterers started in a tiny apartment kitchen with just a few printed business cards and a small van. They gradually built a team of executives, chefs, captains and waiters who were also committed to the Co-Founders’ vision (fun fact: the Co-Founders are also twin brothers!). Fast forward thirty years later and Occasions has indeed grown but the focus remains the same: a boutique approach to full-service catering with a focus on custom menus, creative décor, expert planning and gracious service. We sit down with Co-Founder and Creative Director, Eric Michael, and VP of Business Development, Matt Sipala to ask the questions: from a catering/event perspective, what does the "everything local" movement mean in terms of new business opportunities for local small businesses? How can small businesses ensure they’re on the radar of companies like Occasions? ...and much more! Tune in to find out their tidbits of knowledge on running a business for over 30 years.

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    Food and Experience Design

    Food is a multi-sensory experience, but typically served in a semi-standard setting - or at least in a setting one is used to experiencing food. What if you took a part each piece of that sensory experience and created a new way of consuming, a new way of looking at food or beverage by getting hyper-focused on one of your senses? We're joined today by Kelly Bryden, Art Director for the Rosé Mansion in New York City and the upcoming Museum of Pizza. As you to listen to our conversation, think: how can I be intentional and thoughtful with the ways in which I am creating my brand’s food or beverage experience AND are there ways we can focus on an aspect of our product to create a memory beyond just taste, convenience, and price point. Holiday season is right around the corner - and it’s the time when people have disposable income to spend and are looking for experiential gifts. Turn your creativity into a profit.

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    5 Ways to Save When Sourcing Locally

    Over the past two seasons of The Tidbit we’ve discussed the foundations of starting a business, tactics to grow one’s business, and we’ve featured some amazing small business owners and their entrepreneurial journeys. As we head into our third season, we are going to take those topics and add another key voice to the conversation. Who are the businesses that are putting their money where their mouth is to buy from local businesses? Who are the organizations breaking down barriers to entry for entrepreneurship? This episode of The Tidbit is a minisode, a teaser, to explore that demand generation and how, as Buyers committed to the local economy, you can save when sourcing from small business.

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    Homegrown by Heroes: Differentiating Veteran-Produced Products in Competitive Markets

    The Homegrown by Heroes program provides consumers a tangible way to support veterans. We're joined in-studio with Gary Matteson from the Farm Credit Council (the trade association for the nationwide Farm Credit System) and Calvin Riggleman, the owner of Big Riggs farm - an idea that was born in the sandy deserts of Iraq in 2003. Cal shares his story from military to civilian life, and finding a newfound comraderie in the Homegrown by Heroes program for his West Virginia farm and distillery operation.

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    Entrepreneurship Meets Food Science

    Entrepreneurship meets food science on this episode of The Tidbit with Dr. Eric Schulze — VP of Product and Regulation at one of the leading cell-based meat companies, Memphis Meats. We talk manufacturing of cell-based meat and its impact on our future. Plus his tips on building a business without a predetermined roadmap, and how to make the world more creatively nerdy.

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    Wild Kombucha: Food Manufacturing in the Mid-Atlantic

    Drink Local. Live Wild. This is the motto of Wild Kombucha. Over the past 3 years, they've has seen a 200 percent increase in sales with zero dollars of outside investment. We sit down with Sid Sharma, Co-Owner of Wild Kombucha to talk about starting a food manufacturing business in the Mid-Atlantic, where that motto comes from, and their journey from starting in a garage to growing into a 4,000 sq. ft. brewery in Timonium — where they now produce 4,000 bottles a week for stores such as Whole Foods and MOM’s Organic, as well as hundreds of boutiques, bars, and cafes through the Mid-Atlantic region.

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    On Product Development and Scaling Up: Timber Pizza and Call Your Mother Deli

    It takes a special team to take a classic food item and bring a new vibe to its creation. The nostalgia of a menu you fondly recognize and love, but with a unique spin. This is what our guest today has a special knack for crafting. On this episode, we sit down with Andrew Dana, the owner of the acclaimed Timber Pizza Company (a featured 2017 Best New Restaurant in Bon Appétit) and Call Your Mother Deli to chat product development, iterating with customer feedback in mind, and best practices for scaling up from farmers market to brick-and-mortar.

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    Baltimore Arabbers: Preserving tradition. Feeding communities.

    Arabbing is a long-standing, locally-specific African American tradition out of Baltimore. An Arabber is a street vendor selling fruits and vegetables from a colorful, horse-drawn cart. Once a common sight in American East Coast cities, only a handful of Arabbers still walk the streets of Baltimore. On this episode, we sit down with James Chase, President of the Arabbers Preservation Society and an Arabber himself; and Holden Warren, filmmaker and producer of John & James - a documentary short about James’ work and his relationship with the Amish.

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    I AM WANDA: A New Generation of Food Sheroes

    Entrepreneur Spotlight: we welcome another incredible mission-driven entrepreneur on The Tidbit that is tackling a huge problem at the intersection of nutrition, dietetics and agriculture. Tambra Raye Stevenson is the founder and CEO of WANDA: Women Advancing Nutrition, Dietetics, and Agriculture, an organization inspiring a new generation of women and girls to become ‘food sheroes’ in Africa and Diaspora.

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    Building Your Brand Narrative - from Social Media to TED Talk

    Our brains process not only stories, but the human emotions behind them. In this episode, we discuss with expert storyteller Nate Mook the importance of aligning your product, your business with a compelling brand narrative. Nate has worked with Senators, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs on crafting their stories on and offline through digital media, documentary film, and public speaking forums like TED.

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    How to Become a B Corp and Measure Your Impact

    On The Tidbit, we talk a lot about building businesses for both profit and purpose. But how do you measure your impact? What are ways in which you can create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to tangibly see the results you're driving? This episode: we sit down with Mark Frieden of Crossbow Strategies - a firm that works with socially-conscious busineses on becoming B Corp certified and creating B Impact Assessments.

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    Are Pop-Ups Worth It?

    Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? Each episode of The Tidbit we talk through tidbits of knowledge around starting or running a small business — with a food and beverage lens! On this Minisode: what are parts of the process to consider when deciding if a "pop-up" concept is worth it for your business?

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    On Management and Workforce Development: Humanim's Culinary Social Enterprises

    One of the biggest opportunities and struggles of entrepreneurship is the ever-present work/life blend. I'm not even going to say that there is balance! How does one navigate management, delegation of tasks, and empowering employees to step-up and take the reins? On this episode, we talk with Deborah Haust, VP of Culinary Enterprises at Humanim - a human services and workforce development nonprofit in Baltimore. Hear her lessons learned around management, job training, and the influence of growing a family and business simultaneously.

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    Positive Force for Change: Best Practices in Co-Creative Innovation

    There is no denying that the world is changing at an extremely rapid pace. We are at a moment in time where there are shifts in power and — whether you're an activist, a politician, or a business owner — it's important to recognize how social movements get started and begin to grow. Visiting Scholar at Stanford University within the Global Projects Center, Jess Rimington, joins us in-studio to discuss a new way, a Recollective Way on how entrepreneurs can deploy new co-creative business models with shared power amongst all stakeholders.

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    What Does Improv Have to do with Farmers Markets?

    Adaptability. If there's one thing farmers can teach entrepreneurs its the ability to adapt to forces you just have no control over. Caroline Howe, Project Specialist in the Sustainability Innovation & Urban Resilience department at the University of the District of Columbia, blends her worlds of farming, entrepreneurship, and improv on this episode. Listen in as she shares with us lessons on how-to be flexible in an ever-changing field (of vegetables or otherwise).

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    How to Register a LLC

    Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? Here are The Tidbit, we’ve got your back. Each week we talk through tidbits of knowledge around starting or running a small business with a food and beverage lens. On this Minisode: what are parts of the process to consider when registering a LLC (Limited Liability Company) in Washington DC.

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    This Entrepreneur Wins $1,000 from Community-Based Business

    Throughout this debut season of The Tidbit we discussed the importance of building community-based businesses, and how to set-up your organization with both profit and purpose in mind. In this season finale episode, we sit down with Lisa Wise, Founder of Nest DC to discuss why she is investing in her local community — and we award one of our highlighted entrepreneurs with $1,000 to support their amazing project/product.

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    Taking Action with Food at Intersection of History, Art, and Culture

    Food touches every sector. Food is what we consume — but it's also job creation and economic development, it's tourism and activism, it's history and it's current events. On this episode of The Tidbit, we explore the intersection of food, history, culture and art with AUBERGINE lead actor, Tony Nam, and community organizer/activist, Steph Hsu of The Chinatown Collective in Baltimore — and how you can take action in creating similar intersectionality parallels in your food endeavors.

  46. Thumb 1522203196 artwork

    Brewing the American Dream with Samuel Adams Master Brewer, Jennifer Glanville

    Samuel Adams was founded in 1984. Did you know that throughout the 1970s, there were fewer than 100 breweries in the entire country! How does Sam Adams continue to stay relevant in this growing - more than 5,000 independently operated - craft brewery revival? On this episode, we have the absolute pleasure of talking with Samuel Adams Master Brewer Jennifer Glanville to learn more about how the company continues to innovate, stay creative and her best practices for emerging food and beverage entrepreneurs.

  47. Thumb 1522258705 artwork

    On Self-Care and The Creative Process

    Creativity and productivity are often at odds with each other. How do we as entrepreneurs continue to foster our creative selves, while operating in a system that requires constant output? We sit down with Krystal Mack, founder of BLK SUGAR and BLK MARKET, to discuss our creative processes, our self-care rituals and pivoting for passion preservation.

  48. Thumb 1520964122 artwork

    How to Craft Your Investor Pitch as a Purpose-Driven Business

    A main thread that has run throughout this show has been the importance of defining your purpose, and how that purpose will fuel your passion in creating and sustaining business operations. We sit down with Jeff Cherry, CEO of Conscious Venture Lab and Shift Ventures - an accelerator and investment firm for purpose-driven businesses, and discuss why is it so important that this definition of WHY is brought to the forefront of an entrepreneur’s journey and pitch for capital.

  49. Thumb 1520356071 artwork

    Preserving Our Local Food & Watershed Ecosystem

    When we, as a nation or global society, speak of Washington DC its common (of course) for us to think primarily about the government, our constitution, the relics of our presidential pasts. On this episode, we go further back in time to really embrace and understand the importance of our capital area prior to colonization. Did you know Anacostia (the name) comes from an Algonquin word for trading center? Learn more from clean water, land, air and outdoor advocate Lee Cain about how our capital region has been at the epicenter of trade and sustainability best practices for centuries.

  50. Thumb 1519229964 artwork

    Soilful City: An organization that views farming not only as a way to cultivate food and sovereignty for communities, but as a way to heal and rebuild our souls.

    Tune in to learn about the incredible work of Xavier Brown (entrepreneur, farmer, seed historian) and his company, Soilful City. Soilful City uses the principles of Kwanzaa as a guiding philosophy for creating and sustaining healthy neighborhoods. Intertwining these tenets with the wisdom of Mother Nature allows us to use agriculture as way to bring justice to communities, and to heal the sacred relationship between communities of African decent and Mother Earth.

    This episode is supported by Compass, the future of real estate in the Metro DC Area and beyond. Discover it at

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    The Vill-age: A movement to bring a café and culinary incubator to the economically and socially disadvantaged neighborhoods of Washington DC

    The Vill-age is founded by team of young men from Washington, D.C. who believe that entrepreneurship, access to quality food, and strong community spaces are critical ingredients of a healthy, prosperous place. Tune in to learn more about how their mission —to be the center of empowerment, that not only satisfies the community needs, but allows them to take control of their lives— is coming to fruition with the first part of their vision underway.

    This episode is supported by Compass, the future of real estate in the Metro DC Area and beyond. Discover it at

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    Mera Kitchen Collective: A Food Co-op Focused on the Empowerment of the Baltimore Refugee & Immigrant Community

    We’re switching things up at The Tidbit for the next few episodes! Instead of talking about the core tenants of starting and running a business, we are featuring different food and beverage entrepreneurs in the DC and Baltimore Metro Areas, and the amazing products and projects they’re working on. This week? Mera Kitchen Collective — a co-op business from Baltimore that provides underrepresented refugee and immigrant individuals with entrepreneurial success through true ownership and community connections.

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    What is a Co-Op Business, and How Do You Start One?

    We're fascinated by the ways in which we can apply tried-and-true business models and structures, while reimagining them for today's economy. On this episode of The Tidbit, we sit down with Rodney North — formerly the “answer man” of Equal Exchange, a democratically owned and governed worker co-operative with 150+ worker-owners and approximately $60M in annual revenue. Tune in to learn the history of co-ops and best practices on how to start one.

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    Blockchain and Community Banking

    Have you ever wondered: how is my money serving me? On this episode of The Tidbit we discuss a new technology, Blockchain, and its digital ledger framework that provides transparency behind transactions; in addition to exploring impact investing with guests Annie and Lisa Hodges. Money is often the arbiter of stress and the unknown. Tune in to have a look behind the curtain, and gain clearer insight into how you, too, can become an impact investor.

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    How to Develop Internal and Community Resiliency

    Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place." In times of uncertainty, whether on a macro or micro level, how do you develop a mindset of growth in the face of adversity — especially as an entrepreneur? We explore strategies for developing internal and macro, local economics-based resiliency with guest Raj Aggarwal, Board Chair of Think Local First.

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    Baltimore and Beyond: Food Trends for 2018

    What are your business goals for the New Year? Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? At The Tidbit, we’ve got your back. Each week we drop tidbits of knowledge around starting a small business in the DC/Baltimore metro areas with featured guests. On this episode, food media expert Marisa Dobson joins us to discuss local and national food trends for 2018.

  57. Thumb 1516730754 artwork

    Building Community-Based Businesses

    Kim discusses the future of corner store owners in relation to the Fast Company article: How Two Ex-Googlers Want to Make Bodegas and Mom-and-Pop Corner Stores Obsolete; and chats with guest, Paul Ruppert, on building community-based businesses in the District. Paul is a 6th generation DC resident, and his family has run a real estate business in D.C. since 1889! Paul shares three pieces of advice for emerging small business owners on how to best build a foundation for success.

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